Monday, May 11, 2009

Big-D Recap

My recent trip to Dallas was wonderful! It was full of wedding activities...bridal luncheon, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner & and early afternoon wedding at Arlington Hall at Lee Park. It was a gorgeous weekend filled with fun friend reunions.

This was the card I got when Brittany asked me to be her bridesmaid....
and this is how it translated in real life...
Bridesmaids & Brittany taking pictures before the ceremony.
After the wedding I went to the Mavs vs. Nuggets Game 3 with Meg. She got us amazing 3rd row seats thanks to a co-worker. It was a close game the entire time and in the end the Mavs lost my 1 point. What a heart-breaker. We did get on the jumbotron though. HAHA!
After the game was over we met a few more friends at Coal Vine's for some delicious pizza and wine. It was a great weekend back in Dallas.

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