Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home Search Disappointment

The past two weeks I have been OBSESSED with looking at real estate. I was reading about the First Time Home Buyers tax credit available through Dec. 1, 2009 and got really motiviated to get my finances in order and look for a place to buy.

Unfortunately, after taking an honest look at my money and what's on the market it doesn't look like I can make the two meet. I'd either have to move WAYYYYY far out or in a bad in-town neighborhood. I'm not willing to do either. So I'm sad now that I'll definitely be an apartment dweller for at least another year...probably several.

Really wanting a house :(


Shauna said...

Home ownership can be overrated. It's a lot of extra work and money! Enjoy cheap rent and make an extra deposit to your 401K. :)

Rachel Ross said...

I feel you, but I'm definitely renting another year, too. Don't want to get in over our heads! And I like being able to call maintenance to come fix everything! Haha. And being around more people is safer. And could offer the potential to meet people. =) I'm going to look at buying a condo in a year.

Jean said...

Emily - God will provide. I know it is a bummer, but when the time comes - it will be perfect! Daniel and I would love to buy a home, but probably will never be able to (oh the life of being a Methodist minister!). So, I totally feel you and wanting your own place.

Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

i feel you too!!
but thing of the money you're saving by not having to make trips to home depot and lawn mowing!!

my solution to feeling better: buy a pot and some panseys! :)

but is super fun to browse- just stop before you get sad....that's my philosophy. ha