Monday, May 25, 2009

Tennessee White Water Trip

For Memorial Day weekend I drove up to Chattanooga to visit with SMU friend, Ashley. After we graduated her parents moved up there and now she is a close visit whenever she goes home. On Sunday we drove over to the Ocoee River for a fun filled afternoon of white water rafting. We started out at Ocoee Outdoors center (the original Ocoee River rafting outfitter). They were a great company and fun to spend the day with. I highly recommend their raft trips and want to go back for the full day trip later this summer.
Ashley & I bought this cool water shoes. They looked much more legit than the old school water socks from Wal-Mart and will be great for future trips.
Here we are all geared up and ready to destroy some rapids. We rented spray jackets cause it was cool and we were worried about the cold water. We wore them half of the trip and then took them off for the rest.
This is a Class III rapid. We encountered several of these and several Class IVs. Our guide, Casey, was awesome and so were our raft-mates from Memphis. After a fun filled day of rafting we ate a large dinner and went to sleep early.


Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

omg!!! looks like so much fun....and so scary!!! did you get a little nervous at time at all??

oh and the shoes are H O TT!

anna said...

I want to go so bad this summer!