Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Housing Boom

Lately it seems like everyone around me is trying to get into the real estate market to take advantage of the 1st time home buyers tax credit before the end of November. Two good friends just bought houses and several co-workers are mid process too.

A few months ago I blogged about being disappointed in what I could afford. I did some soul searching and although I can't afford a nice single family home I could get into the market with a townhome. Sooo...after weighing options I decided to move forward with the search again. The amount I pay in rent is almost equivalent to what I'd pay for a nice townhome why not take advantage of the free money.

Any advice from any of you who have been in my shoes before?


Rachel Ross said...

I'm totally searching for condos like day in and day out, too! I won't be buying until next year though, and all the real estate agents I know THINK (key word) that the tax incentive will be renewed and offered next year, too, so don't let that be the ONLY reason you should buy. A townhome will be perfect for you though! No yard to take care of, people close to you to feel safe, and a little community! Have fun searching!

Jean said...

we love our townhome - happy hunting!!