Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome Tally Harper

Back in March I announced that my friend Megan was having a baby. Yesterday, Megan and her husband Brad welcomed their daughter Tally Harper to the world. She weighed in at 9.11 lbs and was 22" long. She was born at 2:49p. I'm excited to meet her when I go to Dallas in November.Also, friends Melissa & Shauna have also recently announced that they are expecting Spring babies. This is me and my Chi O family at Shauna's wedding. Shauna is my Chi O Big Sis. She will be having a girl...a Chi O legacy!
My other friend Melissa also recently found out that she is pregnant too. She is due in May and while she doesn't know the baby's sex yet...she does know that her baby will be in the same grade as her older sister Alyson's baby. Alyson is due with her second in November. How fun to have close cousins!


Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

great post! thanks for the updates! with all these babies around you're best to learn about diapers before long!!

Jean said...

how exciting! Is Tally Harper going by Tally, Harper, or both? That is just too cute of a name!

Thanks for the updates! And the phone call! Lots of babies everywhere - whew!

Amy Franck said...

very exciting!!

Shauna said...

I found the cutest print called "Little Hoot" for the high chair, car seat, and play pen. It's a brown and blue owl print--perfect for any future (boy?) babies, and perfect for my little legacy. You would love it! xo