Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bad Blogger Part II

I've decided that blogging for me is like Twitter or reading books or working out...I go through cycles where I'm just not feeling it.

This is currently one of those.

I will be back though, I promise.

So for everything I've missed since I last wrote... Happy Thanksgiving, Go Bama, Go Mustangs, Happy Birthday to me, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!


Joan said...

Hope your back to blogging soon. I've missed you!!!

Bargains In Buckhead said...

Keep up the good work Emily I know it is hard to stay motivated on the blog front but you have a great thing going.

Leigh said...

I am glad I am not the only one! Haha! Miss you!

Meg said...

Still a bad blogger.... come back, come back!

Stephanie Gallman said...

Um...why have you let me go on and on and on about my blog without mentioning that you have one of your own?! You are in a lot of trouble, missy!