Monday, July 19, 2010

Bathroom Paint Project

When I first moved into my house I liked all the existing paint colors except for the master bathroom. It was a sage green and just didn't fit my style. My aunt, mom and I painted the entire bathroom (ceiling included) white and planned to do beige horizontal stripes in the same color as my bedroom walls.

We quickly grew weary from painting and for 6 months the bathroom was just stark white.

Enter Kristen from KFD designs. I saw her work and blog mentioned on another great design blog Young House Love and I was so excited when I saw she was from Atlanta. I emailed her immediately and a few weeks later we have the finished product. Kristen did 2 posts on my bathroom transformation. Check it out here: and here:


Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

this looks SOOOOO good!!
does she charge you by project- what are her rates- i have a few things that i just may need to hire her to do for me!

Emily said...

She came to my place to look at the space and then gave me a quote. She's young and fun and does decorative painting full time. Check out her blog for other examples of her work and then email her.

Amy Franck said...

so cute!! and it always feels good to finish a project like that :)

The Halls said...

The bathroom looks wonderful Emily, love the shower curtain!

Kristen said...

hehe...i found your blog through my little stats tracker --- glad you like! :) i love your style!