Friday, August 6, 2010


I just found out that Robert Dudley who is taking over as CEO of BP graduated from SMU.

New York Times
LONDON – Robert Dudley, who will become BP's new chief executive Oct. 1, faces a long road to restoring confidence in the embattled company – particularly in the U.S., the biggest part of BP's business.
Dudley, an American who has been with BP since the company bought Amoco in 1998, faces myriad challenges: repairing damaged relations with federal and state authorities, dealing with the cost and legal consequences of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, bolstering morale among BP employees and, perhaps critically, winning back investors.
Ultimately, his job can be summed up simply as ensuring that BP survives its latest crisis and finds a way to move beyond it.
"I can't think of any new chief executive of an oil company stepping into a more complicated situation," said Daniel Yergin, the chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates. "BP is going to be in a rebuilding mode, and the aftermath of the spill will go on for a long time."
Dudley, 54, who has an MBA from Southern Methodist University, was announced Tuesday as the successor to Tony Hayward. In recent weeks, Hayward, in conjunction with directors, had concluded he could no longer effectively lead the company after he came under criticism in the U.S. for his handling of the spill. He is resigning from the job he has held since 2007.

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