Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jay's B'day and CNN Party

Jay's birthday was on December 3rd. We went to dinner at Saskatoon. They serve wild game and we ate buffalo, elk and venison chops. Then we came back to my house for a healthy blueberry cake I made. Jay is wearing a macaroni necklace b/c he told me to not get him a gift and just make something. I still got him a gift but couldn't resist a little inside joke too.

This is our CNN Christmas card we send to all of our affiliates. It's pretty small and hard to see but I'm 2nd to the left in a red sweater. Can you spot me?

We also went to CNN's Holiday Party which was held at the Tabernacle. It's an old church that was converted into a concert venue/event space. There was yummy food, casino games and a DJ. It was a fun night out.

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Anna Hatcher Design said...

Love the macaroni necklace haha! Great to see you the other night! Merry Christmas!