Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grandmom's 80th Birthday

After the ice started to melt my mom, grandmom and aunt all came to Atlanta for the weekend to celebrate my grandmom's 80th birthday. On Friday we ate at my new favorite pizza place, Antico Pizza. It is delicious and authentic pizza from Napoli. All the ingredients are shipped in from Italy and you eat on community tables inside the kitchen with the ovens.

Saturday we went to the matinee of Beauty and the Beast at the Fox Theater. We were there with every little girl in Atlanta but we all enjoyed the show and I was singing the songs for a few days afterwards. We also ate a delicious steak dinner and opened gifts before watching Miss America on tv. It was a great girl's weekend celebrating my wonderful grandmother.

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The Halls said...

We love Antico! What a sweet weekend you had with your Grandmom!