Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Delay

Well I had the best intentions of keeping my blog more updated this year but then Atlanta became a frozen tundra and I got delayed a little bit. Last week forecasts called for snow in Atlanta. Some were even predicting up to 6 inches of snow accumulation. Despite the forecast I was determined I could handle the 5 mile drive to work Monday morning. Sunday night around 8p the snow started to fall quickly and heavily. I started to get nervous so I listened to my mom's advice and took up work's offer to stay in a downtown hotel.

I literally threw 1 change of clothes into a duffel bag and hurried downtown to check-in before the roads got worse. When I pulled up to the hotel I saw several co-workers also in line to get a room. There was an air of excitement as the snow was starting to build up and we joked this was some sort of work slumber party.
But that is where the fun ended...

4 days later I was still stuck at the same hotel with the same clothes and the same people.
Atlanta was not prepared for the snow and ice storm that followed and our roads were completely impassible. My company owns 2 snow plows of their own and the entire city of Atlanta owns 8 for 5.5 million people. Now granted we haven't had snow like this in over 10 years but the response was slow and I was stranded.

Most of my friends were posting "cabin-fever" type messages on Facebook and complaining about being stuck in their homes while all I could wish for was to be home in my own bed.
Here is a picture of several of us modeling the t-shirts we were given on Day 3 when everyone had run out of clothes. Finally on Thursday night I made it home. In the end I learned some important lessons and also to listen to my former girl scout mom because I definitely was NOT prepared.

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Stephanie Gallman said...

Love this post. I never thought I would've escaped snow in New York. Glad you survived and look so good in red.