Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's A Girl!!

I'm officially the sponsor of this beautiful little girl...Jhoselin. I adopted her through Compassion International this week. As part of my Balanced class I have decided to get more organized and consistent in my giving. I have considered sponsoring a child through Compassion for over a year and this was the nudge I needed.

I chose Jhoselin from Bolivia because my friend Taylor went to Bolivia last year on a GlobalX trip through Buckhead Church. While there they visited and helped spruce up a Compassion School. I'm not sure it is the same one that Jhoselin goes to but I figured that was a good connection. Also, I know Spanish so I thought that communicating with her would be easier.

Jhoselin is 6 years old. She is one of three children and attends Kindergarten and church activities through Compassion. The neat thing about this organization is that I am Jhoselin's only sponsor. She will know me and I will know her. She will pray for me and I will pray for her.

I'm so excited to be a part of her life and see how she grows/blossoms with my support.

Check out Compassion International here:

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Taylor Henry said...

very cool! :) do you knwo the name of her school? The compassion school that we worked at was with Apo Centro Alto Church