Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reality TV

I admit it... I have a reality TV addiction. I attribute it to the fact that most of my day is spent in hard news so when I come home I want to relax by escaping in the mindlessness of reality TV.

Currently I'm on The Bachelor. Last night Jason narrowed it down to 2 remaining girls. I don't know why I watch it every season. It is the same thing over and over again just with new people yet I'm always sucked in. I was totally pulling for Jillian from Canada but I'm 99.9% sure he is going to pick Melissa from Dallas now. I've really enjoyed this season because it featured single dad, Jason. I think there were classier more gracious women selected because they all were willing to become a step-mom. Way to go ABC for selecting Jason as this season's Bachelor.

I'm also huge into makeover reality shows...I love What Not To Wear and can watch anything on HGTV, TLC or Style for hours upon hours. I'm also willing to admit the MTV reality shows have got me as well. The Hills/The City is probably the most ridiculous show on air yet I have to watch it each week. In fact, I missed The City last night so I'm going now to watch it on MTV.com....HAHAHA!

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Meg said...

Em, what do you think about the unpredicted turn on the show??