Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visit with Paige

Today I got to grab lunch with a sorority sister and former suite mate. Paige and I lived in the 2 smallest rooms in the SMU Chi Omega house our sophomore year. They were fondly known as "The Pit" because they were located at the very back of the house on the first floor...far away from the rest of the rooms. We had some fun times there as 19/20-year-olds. I remember fondly Sam's black light & the song "Party In Da Club" blaring from the room next door. AHH college!

Paige is now in business school at Vanderbilt and looking for a summer internship. I hope she comes to Atlanta this summer!

Here is a photo of the girls from "The Pit" circa 2003.

Paige, Brett, Emily & Sam