Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Wire

At work we've all been challenged to start writing wires on stories where we confirm information ourselves. Typically I would gather all the information and then pass it all off to a writer who would put it together for me.

Last night I wrote my first wire myself.

Check it out:
Mexico - Missing Priest
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Police search for missing priest

From Emily

(CNN) -- Investigators found blood and a knife in the bedroom of a missing Catholic priest, an assistant to the church leader told CNN Wednesday, but no sign of Father Jesse Euresti.

Euresti, 69, was reported missing Tuesday afternoon when a friend went to visit him at his home in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, just across the border from Laredo, Texas. Euresti's niece, Beatrice Rios of Austin, Texas, told CNN affiliate KXAN that "a friend noticed the garage was open and called the cops."

Euresti, a Nuevo Laredo native, commuted each week to Austin to pastor the Cristo Rey Parish but was planning to retire this summer, according his assistant, Gabino Fernandez.

"We are shocked by this information. We do not know whether he is missing or has been killed. Please remember Father Euresti, his family and parishioners in prayer," Bishop Gregory Aymond of the Diocese of Austin said in a statement.

Euresti is a "gentle person," Aymond said during a news conference Wednesday, adding that he is surprised that the priest would be a target. He noted they had spoken several times of the violence across the border in Mexico and that Euresti was "certainly aware of the violence but did not seem fearful."

Agent Miguel Estrada with the Nuevo Laredo Police told CNN they are investigating Euresti's disappearance as a missing persons case.


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