Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Atlanta Adventures

Last week my Aunt Jan and mom were in Atlanta. My aunt was working at the Atlanta Market - AmericasMart where she sells rugs and lamps. My mom came over to see her and me!

We had a great week shopping the various vendors, eating a decadent fondue dinner at The Melting Pot and to top it off we saw Legally Blonde the Musical at the Fox Theatre. It is always a treat to see a show here. It lives up to it's name of the FABULOUS Fox Theatre. The play was fun and definitely girly. Not the best musical I've ever seen but a fun girl's night out. It is traveling around the country so check out the tour dates.


Joan said...

YIPPIE!!! I'm glad you are back to your blog. I missed it!

ashley said...

i love LEGALLY BLONDE!!! how was it- did you see lauren zakrin or becky gulsvig?

Rachel Ross said...

I literally was singing "Is he straight or is he gay?" to myself in yoga class tonight, and I had "Ohmygawd, ohmygawd you guys" stuck in my head for like a week.