Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tri-Red Triathlon

Jay and several friends decided to do the Tri-Red Triathlon on Jekyll Island, GA this year. This was Jay's 14th triathlon to complete and despite little training prior to the event he did great. I was not a participant and just went along for the ride. I also was the official photographer for the group and got to snap pictures throughout the race. I can't take credit for Jay's biking picture below though...that came from the real race photographer.

We had such a great weekend and enjoyed one last beach trip before the weather got colder. Jekyll Island was beautiful and hardly anyone was there. We literally had the beach to ourselves one night.

I was so impressed and proud of the group. Everyone did an awesome job. We are hoping to make this an annual trip.

Jay & me at the finish
Jay biking
Car loaded down with bikes - there were 6 on there!
The group before the swim in the ocean
Sunrise and the boys start the swim.

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Averitts said...

Wow! Way to go Jay!!! That kind of discipline simply amazes me!!!