Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Decorations

It's looking a lot like Christmas around my townhouse. Here are several of my decorations throughout the house.

These silver bells were given to me every year from birth - 21 years old from my aunt and uncle. They are Wallace sterling silver. My mom found the silver tree that is perfect to display all my bells. Also on the table are my M. Bagwell Simply Christmas dishes.

On my mirror above the mantle is a green feather wreath and my polka dot stocking hangs on the fireplace screen.
On the passage-way from the kitchen into the dining room are my fun multi-colored trees made out of ornament balls.
On the table in the foyer is a part of a larger nativity scene my mom passed down to me.

This Christmas card holder is a new addition. I got it from Willow House (formerly Southern Living Home). A co-worker was hosting a party and I purchased this from her. I think it is perfect for all my cards and could be used throughout the year for other displays too.

I got this pre-lit Christmas tree a few years ago when my grandparent's store went out of business. It was used for decoration there but has been perfect in my apartments and now my townhouse. It is slim and easy to set-up and store. Jay helped me decorate the tree this year. It was a fun project to work on together.

I got this boxwood wreath on sale after Christmas a few seasons ago. My mom got me this fun polka dot bow to go on it.
When I was at home after Thanksgiving I found this stocking. It was my first stocking when I was a baby. My mom smocked it. I brought it back to hang on my chest of drawers in my bedroom.

I got this small sparkly tree when I was in college for my dorm room. It is the perfect size for my bedroom dresser. It is decorated with smaller ornaments I've had since I was a child.


Jean said...

I love all of your new posts! Your xmas decorations are so cute - I especially love the silver bells - what a great idea. Loved Jay's surprise for you - that was super sweet... but not as sweet as your sweater-vest! :)

Joan said...

LOVE your decorations Emily! I think you decorated more than I did this year!

Brian and Meghan Wages said...

All the holiday decor is precious! I am obsessed with your place by the way.

Shauna said...

Your place looks amazing! Love the silver bells on the tree. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!! ;)

ina3 said...

So enjoyed the Christmas tour of your home. Reading your blog is like being with you which I really miss. Jim and I send our best wishes for a Happy New Year. God bless!