Monday, December 20, 2010

Going, going.... SOLD!

I love auctions! My mom and I have attended several at Hal Hunt in Tuscaloosa. But recently my mom told me about an auction in Atlanta that was being featured on The Discovery Channel in a show called Auction Kings. I told Jay about it and we decided to check it out.

The first time we went to Gallery 63 we went to a Thursday afternoon auction. It wasn't well attended and we were honestly disappointed in the quality of the items they were selling. It felt more like 1970's garage sale than high-end auction. While we were they they told us about an upcoming Sunday auction where they sell better items and it is a lot more crowded. We decided to give it a 2nd chance and try it again. Jay was particularly interested in some of the items that would be for sale. In the end we didn't win anything but we had fun bidding and signing waivers to be on on TV. They have signed on for a 2nd season so be on the lookout.
Outside of the gallery they had two giant bronze mustangs. I couldn't resist a "pony ears" picture.

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Joan said...

GO Ponies and keep bidding! LOL